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Handmaids Army DC Commitment to Inclusivity

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

#BIPOC #LGBTQIA #Intersex #Cisgender #ProAbortion #BodilyAutomoy #BansOffMyBody


We see you and we are fighting for you. Some of us are you. When it comes to the rights of bodily autonomy, we aren't just fighting for women with uteruses.

The Pro-Abortion Movement is fighting for the right of healthcare and the right to bodily autonomy. Often this conversation is centered on cisgender women in straight relationships. We are fighting to change this.

Regardless of who you are and who you love, you deserve the right bodily autonomy. You deserve the right to be happy and healthy and safe. We will continue to fight against bills, politicians, and judges that do not guarantee your rights as a human being.


~To our family of color:

We know that anti-choice laws impact our BIPOC family, who, due to structural racism, struggle to access safe and affordable abortions anyways.

~To our LGBTQIA family:

Trans, Non-binary, and Gender Expansive People:

We are fighting for you right to be yourself. We know that all genders need access to reproductive healthcare.

Those Who Love Who They Love:

We see you. We know that you and your loved ones deserve access to reproductive healthcare including STD testing and care and abortions.

~To our cisgender sisters:

Being a woman isn't defined by your fertility status or desire to have children or already being a parent. You deserve healthcare that values you as an individual.

~To our intersex family:

We fight for you. You are more than sum of your sex characteristics and you deserve destigmatized medical care.

~To abortion allies:

We see you and we appreciate you. While you may never need an abortion, you fight with us and fight to preserve the right to abortion for those who need the choice to do what is best for them and their families.


To those on the frontlines with us:

While we are demonstrators labeled as handmaids, we want you to bring your authentic self. Men are men, women are women, and non-binary people are people. Humans do not fit into perfect buckets no matter how society gives us our roles.

When you come to demonstrations or marches with our group, please wear whatever you are most comfortable in. Our group includes both individuals that dress in the handmaid costume and the guardian costume. Some only wear the handmaid (fertility) cloak with regular clothes underneath. Others have a full costume. Others come without a costume.

Our group is open to anyone unless you are not fighting for everyone's right to bodily autonomy and reproductive choice.

5 Demonstrators stand in front of the Supreme Court. 4 are wearing Handmaid's Tale costumes and one is dressed as a Guardian. A cloth sign held by the guardian read "Pass WHPA"
Photo Credit to Kevin Hollenbeck

Our social media links are listed on our website, come join us!

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